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So…what’s holding you back?

What’s holding you back from transforming your health?

What’s holding you back from feeling at home in your body? From improving your relationship with food? From creating a happy, healthy gut? From feeling so much more balanced?

Often, it’s the feeling of complete overwhelm. Tackling your health issues on your own can be such an emotional drain – believe me, I know!

Or maybe it’s not knowing where to look for answers. The internet is full of plenty of contradicting health information – what do you believe?

Of course, it may not be about a lack of knowledge, but a lack of support – you find that even though you feel well-researched and knowledgable about health, you just aren’t making the changes on your own. Maybe you’re externally motivated, and need that like-minded accountability partner who can help point you in the right direction and keep you on track.

That’s where I come in!

How I work –

As a health coach, I am passionate about helping people get to the root of their health issues by focusing on the foundations of what makes up a healthy human: whole food, stress management + self-care, sleep, and healthy movement!

No matter what your unique health challenges are, I always use a functional, holistic, and sustainable approach.

Let’s break that down…

A functional approach to wellness means that I want to look for the root: what’s causing your health issues in the first place?

A holistic approach to wellness means that I believe that one area of health cannot be isolated from the other – the whole person should always be considered. The more we research, the more we learn that the skin, digestion, brain, etc., are all incredibly connected.

A sustainable approach to wellness means that I want to help you make low-stress changes that last, so you don’t get overwhelmed and fizzle out. We’ll start with the basic foundations of health, and work from there. I’m all about pursuing health without fear, and advocate for the least amount of restriction – without sacrificing health.

The thing is, I don’t want to simply tell you what to do. I want to educate, equip, and empower you on your health journey. When someone understand the WHY and the HOW, they will be able to make healthy choices for years to come!

You can think of me as another tool in your “health toolbox”: someone to help you understand your health issues, recommend changes, support your decisions, and keep you accountable to your goals. I’ll give you plenty of resources and support for your unique health challenges, and we’ll work together to achieve the goals that we set.


Client Testimonial

Packages –

Currently, I offer three ways for us to work together:

The 3 month Thrive Package: This package is perfect for those who would like the MOST accountability and support on their healthy journey (often needed for those who are experiencing chronic health issues, for those who have more than one health goal, or for those who are starting from the beginning). It is the most “hands-on” package, and involves a 3 month supportive coaching relationship. It includes an extensive heath and food review, three months of support, three phone consults, three months of unlimited email support, and emailed resources and recommendations.

The 1 month Exploration Package: This package is great for clients who still need clarity, resources, and encouragement, but who require less support. It includes an extensive health and food review, one phone consult, one month of email support, and emailed resources and recommendations.

The Support Package: This package is perfect for clients who would just like to “brainstorm” and talk about ongoing health issues, but who are motivated to make changes on their own. It includes a brief case review and one phone consult with follow-up emailed resources and recommendations.

What to expect as a client –

As my client, you must be willing to make changes for a coaching relationship to be successful. Following my recommendations may mean giving up certain foods or lifestyle habits that you enjoy. It also means reaching beyond that and working to ADD nourishing foods and lifestyle habits. Just like a personal trainer cannot lift the weights for you if you want to see results, you must also put forth effort in a coaching relationship!

I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. Health coaching is not a substitute for dietetics or advice from a licensed physician. My service is not prescriptive, and I always suggest that you continue to work with your physician. I offer information, suggestions, and support – not a diagnosis or prescriptions. Again, I am another tool in your toolbox, and I believe that the client should always have the wheel.

For more about this, view my Unlicensed Client Bill of Rights.

So tell me again…what’s holding you back?

Book a totally free, no strings attached consultation right now to discuss my fees and services, and to decide whether we are a good fit!


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