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25 Budget Friendly Paleo Meals

25 Budget Friendly Paleo MealsThough it’s true that most people don’t “go Paleo” to save money, that shouldn’t mean you have to throw out your grocery budget! Serving for serving, each of these 25 budget friendly paleo meals is cheaper than a fast food meal. In fact, they average around $3-$4 a serving.

The best part? They’re delicious! I cook some of these meals every week or so.
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Easy Weeknight Dill Chicken Salad

“Easy Weeknight Dill Chicken Salad

This chicken salad needed to be shared with the world. I’ve made it every week since I created the recipe, and EVERY WEEK I stand at the counter, eating it out of the bowl. It is SO quick to throw together, and the flavor is amazing!

I really don’t consider myself to be a food blogger. I don’t have THAT many recipes on this blog, because I’m still learning how to experiment in the kitchen. And yet, this is my second chicken salad recipe. If that doesn’t speak to my love of chicken salad, I don’t know what does. 😉
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40 Healthy (& Paleo-Friendly) Stocking Stuffer Ideas

40 Healthy & Paleo-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Need ideas for healthy and paleo-friendly stocking stuffers? You’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve always loved opening stockings on Christmas morning. There’s just something fun about opening a bunch of random, useful, and delicious little gifts. 🙂

Now that I’m older, I love finding those fun little gifts for others. However, I still like to keep quality and usefulness in mind, which led me to create this list for you!

But don’t limit yourself to stocking stuffers! Many of these products would make great gifts for friends, teachers, hosts, and family members. 🙂

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“How Do I Cook Brussels Sprouts?” – The Farmers Market Series

DELICIOUS ways to cook brussels sprouts!

If you’re new to the blog, I’ve created these quick Farmers Market Series posts to highlight a different in-season veggie each month! This month we’ll look at how to cook brussels sprouts.

I was never really interested in trying brussels sprouts. It seems like they have a pretty bad reputation after being prepared in boring or over-boiled ways for so long, and I can understand why someone would not enjoy eating cabbagey mush.

But now…NOW I am a brussels sprouts fanatic. If they had a spot in every one of my meals, I don’t think I would mind.
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Simple Paleo Chicken Salad (and a blog update!)

Absolutely delicious and EASY paleo chicken salad!

Hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous October! And if you’re not, you need to visit Rhode Island. I’m now convinced that Rhode Island has the most magical Octobers. Maybe it’s because I just moved here from a land-locked, Midwest state with less foliage (AKA Kansas). Maybe it’s because I now live close to water lined with orange and red and yellow trees. Either way, I’m in awe of the Rhode Island scenery, even while driving.
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10 Tips for Saving Money on Healthy Food

10 Tips for Saving Money on Healthy Food

For those of us who are trying to keep to a budget, buying healthy food without overspending can seem like a daunting task. 

Realistically, paleo meals are usually more expensive than meals that rely on noodles, bread, and other cheap ingredients, but there are still many ways to cut costs and stretch your dollars.

Here are 10 tips I use every month to save money on healthy food! 

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Coffee: The Pros, The Cons

The pros and cons of coffee - good info!

Ahhh…coffee. Our beloved warm drink of choice is such a gray area! It seems like every week I see some flashy news article stating that drinking 2+ cups a day will either make you live forever or make you die sooner. Is it any wonder that this topic makes people throw their hands up in frustration? 

Because seeing those unscientific, click-bait articles drives me crazy, I decided to list both sides to the coffee debate for you here!
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Paleo Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole


Can you believe we’re coming up on November already?? It’s the time of year for chilly air, family reunions around a table, and AMAZING comfort food!

My FAVORITE Thanksgiving side dish growing up was the “sweet potato soufflé”. When my mom would ask us what dishes we wanted in the Thanksgiving round-up, I always made sure that was included. So when I decided to re-create the dish, I took a look at the recipe…and saw that it calls for TWO CUPS of sugar (some recipes also call for a marshmallow topping)! No wonder I always liked it! 😉
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Perfectly Savory Pumpkin Seeds

Perfectly Savory Pumpkin Seeds
IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER!!! I get so excited for this month. Probably even more excited than I get for December, which is Christmas AND my birthday month. I love the colors, the smells, the cider, the sweaters, the WEATHER… 🙂
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6 Effective Ways to Kick Sugar Cravings

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.52.02 PM

In honor of my second 21 Day Sugar Detox, I decided to put together some (hopefully) helpful tips for dealing with strong sugar cravings. I hope you will be able to use them when the craving hits!

Great ideas for dealing with sugar cravings from a Paleo / real food perspective! Image courtesy of marin at freedigitalphotos.net
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