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“How Do I Cook Brussels Sprouts?” – The Farmers Market Series

DELICIOUS ways to cook brussels sprouts!

If you’re new to the blog, I’ve created these quick Farmers Market Series posts to highlight a different in-season veggie each month! This month we’ll look at how to cook brussels sprouts.

I was never really interested in trying brussels sprouts. It seems like they have a pretty bad reputation after being prepared in boring or over-boiled ways for so long, and I can understand why someone would not enjoy eating cabbagey mush.

But now…NOW I am a brussels sprouts fanatic. If they had a spot in every one of my meals, I don’t think I would mind.
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“How Do I Cook Pumpkin?” – The Farmers Market Series

How Do I Cook Pumpkin?

Okay, so pumpkin is not the most creative feature for this series, but I’d say it’s pretty relevant for the season! Who doesn’t love eating all the pumpkin things in October?
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“How Do I Cook Beets?” – The Farmers Market Series

How Do I Cook Beets?

I don’t think I ever ate beets as a kid, so they were a bit of a mystery to me. If you’re new to beets and open a CSA veggie box to find them sitting there, they might be a little scary to you, too! But don’t turn up your nose yet. Beets are not only nutritious and vibrantly colored – they can actually be pretty delicious if you have a good recipe! 😉
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“How Do I Cook Chard?” – The Farmers Market Series

How Do I Cook Chard? - The Farmers Market Series

Maybe you’ve browsed the stands at a farmers market, only to get overwhelmed by the selection of unknown produce.

Maybe you’ve opened a veggie box from a CSA group, only to groan at the presence of turnips and mysterious greens.

Or maybe you’re just looking to eat seasonally and locally or expand your veggie repetoire!

Well, I have a new series for you. 🙂
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