Coffee: The Pros, The Cons

The pros and cons of coffee - good info!

Ahhh…coffee. Our beloved warm drink of choice is such a gray area! It seems like every week I see some flashy news article stating that drinking 2+ cups a day will either make you live forever or make you die sooner. Is it any wonder that this topic makes people throw their hands up in frustration? 

Because seeing those unscientific, click-bait articles drives me crazy, I decided to list both sides to the coffee debate for you here!
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Five Weird Reasons Why You Should Go Outside

I’m pretty sure everyone understands the basic benefits of spending time outdoors: a break from screens, increased Vitamin D, exercise, etc. But here’s a quick list of some benefits you may not have heard of!

Gut Repair (12)Most people living in our technological world would agree that spending time in nature seems to have a head-clearing effect. There’s just something about being able to soak in sunlight, gaze at stars, or inhale the scent of pine needles that makes you want to write poetry. But did you know that there is science to back up those feelings?  Read more

Food & Mood

Food (4)

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, or general moodiness, food may be the last thing you look to for treatment, when it may need to be your first consideration.

When weighing whether or not to eat an inflammatory food like a sugar-laden dessert, I’m pretty certain that most people think more about how the food will affect their waistlines, not their brains! After all, how often do we really consider that the brain is so closely connected to the gut?  Read more