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Magnesium is a hot nutrition topic these days, particularly in the Paleo/whole food sphere. People are starting to realize that a deficiency in this crucial mineral might actually be more common than we thought! 
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But why the concern? For starters, magnesium is part of over 300 chemical reactions occurring in the body. Even ATP, the basic source of energy for cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion to be active. In other words, magnesium is absolutely essential for a functioning body
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How to Fix Your Sleep

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In my last post (find it HERE), I wrote about why sleep is so crucial to our health – specifically how it affects weight, mental function, and immunity. This information is great and all, but the question is: how do we actually make changes for better sleep? It doesn’t matter how LONG your body is in bed if the quality of your sleep is poor. Read more

Sleep: When Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough

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If I was to ask you to make a list of your three top health priorities, would sleep be on the list? Do you consider it worth shutting down Netflix, going home early, reorganizing your schedule? Or is it an afterthought – something you’ll catch up on over the weekend (if you don’t stay up until 2 am watching Friends).

It’s almost become fashionable to be tired. With every “I only got x amount of sleep“ or “I didn’t let myself sleep until 4 am – I was just so busy!”, we confirm to the world that we aren’t lazy, because we put hard work or fun before rest.

In fact, it has recently been estimated that about a third of U.S. adults get only 6 (or less) hours of sleep each night Read more