My Top 10 Favorite Natural Home & Beauty Products

Great list of some awesome natural products!

When switching to a more natural, un-processed way of eating, many people also start striving to clean up their makeup, cleaning products, bathroom products, etc.

The thing is, many of the more “natural” products are REALLY expensive, or may not actually be so natural after all. I love learning about new products and DIY recipes that offer quality, convenience, and a chance to save some money!
I decided to list my TOP 10 favorite (and most often used) products and DIY recipes here!

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Essential Oils: A Whole Body Approach

essentialoils copy
This next post was written by a guest writer, Veronica Campbell. I hope you enjoy her take on essential oils, aromatherapy, and what defines safe use of these recently popular plant extracts. Feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂

If you love essential oils, you should definitely check out this guide!
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