Nose to Tail: The Nutritional Value of Eating the Whole Animal

Nose to Tail: The Nutritional Value of Eating the Whole AnimalHi friends! I recently wrote a guest post for Bare Bones Broth. The company owners, Katherine and Ryan, pour their passion for sustainability and nutrition into their broth, and I love partnering with them in any way I can. Enjoy this quick excerpt, but read the rest of the post on their blog!

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t grow up eating things like organ meat (heart?? Ew!) or bones. Though some people already have a taste for foods like liver pate, beef tongue, and heart, most of us feel squeamish when we think about those “other bits.”

Enter the ancestral way of eating. This promotes the idea that our diets should look much more like what our ancestors ate (a large variety of plants and animals) and less like Lunchables. A core piece of this lifestyle is the need to consume the whole animal – nose to tail.

It’s absolutely true that this way of eating is perfect for those who want to be both economical and environmentally-friendly, but in this article, let’s explore the health benefits behind eating the whole animal.

So why care about those other bits at all? In short, they’re nutrient powerhouses! Parts like liver and bones are concentrated sources of important vitamins and minerals. Let’s take a closer look…
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Stop Using Band-aids: Finding the Root Behind Your Symptoms

Finding the Root Behind Your Symptoms

Fatigue, cravings, constipation, weight gain, skin issues, hormonal dysfunction…all of these symptoms have one thing in common: they all have a root.

That may seem obvious, especially if you’re used to a more holistic and functional view of health. But personally, I find that people still have trouble getting out of “symptom focus”.
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The Bare Bones Broth Cookbook Review!

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Meet your new favorite cooking companion: The Bare Bones Broth Cookbook! Bone broth pioneers and entrepreneurs, Ryan and Katherine Harvey, have brought you their favorite recipes from the kitchen of the Bare Bones Broth Company. Ryan and Katherine were kind enough to let me peek at the not-yet-released book (and give you a sneak peak at a recipe!) – it really is one of a kind.
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Interview with Ryan Harvey of Bare Bones Broth!

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I’m SO excited to feature Bare Bones broth company on the blog! 
These guys are doing a lot of awesome work in the nutrition community by offering a more convenient way to get powerful nutrients into the diet. Ryan Harvey from Bare Bones was kind enough to answer my questions about their broth and their passion for nutrition and fitness.

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How to Heal a Grumpy Gut – Part 2 in the Gut/Skin Series

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In my last post in this 2-part series (find it HERE), I tackled the WHY behind healing your gut. Now I want to give you the HOW, by supplying you with information and action steps.

The last post established that changing the gut can have direct effects on the skin. This post will explain what changes can be made to your lifestyle to improve gut health. Please keep in mind that these are basic changes based off of my own reading, research, and experience. I won’t be going into supplementation or medication in this post. Read more

Can You See Your Gut in the Mirror? – Part 1 in the Gut/Skin Series

gutmirrorimage copy

I’ve struggled with acne since I was about 13 years old.

Of course, at that age, it’s deemed normal – kind of a rite of passage for the preteen and early teen years. But then it didn’t go away. And believe me – I tried every natural and chemical and “maybe THIS will finally fix it” remedy.

Nothing worked – not Proactiv, not multiple essential oils. Read more