Healthy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Need paleo-friendly, healthy stocking stuffer ideas? You’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve always loved opening stockings on Christmas morning. There’s just something fun about opening a bunch of random, useful, and delicious little gifts. 🙂

Now that I’m older, I love finding those fun little gifts for others. However, I still like to keep quality and usefulness in mind, which led me to create this list for you!

But don’t limit yourself to stocking stuffers! Many of these products would make great gifts for friends, teachers, hosts, and family members. 🙂

alter-eco1. Alter Eco Chocolate Bars – $3.50

Organic, fair-trade chocolate with INCREDIBLE flavors! This Dark Salted Burnt Caramel is probably my favorite, but the Salted Brown Butter is amazing too. 


2. FATCO Fat Stick – $10fatco

A lip balm, all-over lotion, and cuticle repair tool – all packed into one chubby stick of nourishing tallow, beeswax, and oils! I got to meet this company at a natural products expo, and I was blown away by the quality of their products! 


3. Deep Steep Bubble Bath – $13deepsteep

Organic bubble bath with scents ranging from Tangerine Melon to Lavender Chamomile. I’ve tried three, but I want to try them all!



4. Primal Palate Spice Blends – $25primal-spices

My mom put these on her Christmas list after tasting them at my house (the Meat & Potatoes Seasoning is my personal favorite, and the Sweet Pack is great too)! This is the perfect gift for someone who would appreciate high-quality, organic, gluten-free spices. You can also buy them in singles, like this “New Bae” seasoning!



5. Organic Herbal Teas – $4-6

For the tea-enthusiast, Traditional Medicinals is a GREAT brand! If the gift-receiver is prone to getting sick over the winter, you might want to give them the Seasonal Sampler Pack.


6. Tea Steeper – $11

…speaking of tea, aren’t these tea infusers great?? This company is located near my home in Rhode Island!


7. Lunchskins – $8lunchskins

Each “sandwich bag” is supposed to replace 500 plastic bags in its lifetime! And they come in fun patterns and bright colors.


8.  Zoya Nail Polish – $10zoya2 zoya

This nail polish is free of the “Big 5” (formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor), but still delivers a great product in gorgeous colors.


9. Rickaroons – $2 eachrickaroons

The PERFECT fix for a sweet tooth, Rickaroons are 100% organic and gluten, soy, and corn-free. I love the mocha and mint flavors. 🙂 Order a pack and distribute to the stockings!


10. Herb Saver – $9.50herbsaver

Because finding mushy herbs at the bottom of your produce drawer can’t just be my problem, right? This little gadget is supposed to prolong the life of herbs for three weeks in the fridge (AND keep them organized and in view)!


11. Avocado Saver – $3avosaver

…Speaking of foods that tend to go bad quickly!


12. Unicorn Gold by Squatty Potty – $15unicorn

I’m sorry. I hope you’ll keep reading after this. It’s just that this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen (watch the ad here), and I fully intend to give this to someone. Oh – and why is it on my list of healthy stocking stuffers? Because it uses essential oils to get the job done, instead of synthetic fragrances. 😉 Give to someone with a sense of humor!


13. Our Favorite Lip Balm – $11 for 4

These organic lip balms are made with coconut oil and beeswax! They smell SO delicious, and they go on so smoothly. A favorite in our house!


14. Klean Kanteen – $18klean

Stay away from plastic or aluminum-lined bottles with these awesome stainless steel canteens!


15. Tanka Bars – $1.80 eachtanka

This list wouldn’t be compete without a high quality meat bar, and these are my FAVORITES. You can buy them in bulk on Amazon for the best price, or buy singles here.


16. Moon Valley Lotion Bar – $14.95

This lotion bar is perfect for soothing and restoring dry skin. Beeswax seals in moisture twice as long as other water-based moisturizers, so the essential oils in the lotion can benefit the skin. 


17. Raw Honey Sticks – $8 for a packhoneysticks

The most natural form of candy – unfiltered, flavorful honey. Give everyone a stick or two!



18. “Romaine Calm and Carrot On” Apron – $25

For the veggie lover!


19. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask – $8.80clay

This stuff is amazing (just check out the reviews) and one jar will last awhile. The perfect gift for someone interested in natural skincare!


20. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Botanical Lip Gloss – $10lipgloss

I love Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques for their affordable, all-natural makeup. Most of the makeup I use is from their website, and I love this lip gloss!


21. Gourmet Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt – $5.50smokedsalt

Perfect for the family foodie! We use natural sea salt for the flavor and for the trace minerals.


22. Electric Milk Frother – $11milkfrother

Gift a coffee (or hot chocolate, or tea latte) lover with the ability to make coffee shop style drinks! This frother is supposed to work well with almond and coconut milk as well as normal dairy milk. 


23. Equal Exchange Coffee – $6.50

A gift for a coffee lover wouldn’t be complete without some beans! This brand is passionate about fair trade, organic, delicious coffee.


24. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Travel Soap – $3drbronners

This soap is so versatile – I dilute it with water for washing hands, but it can also be used for household cleaning! And it comes in the perfect stocking stuffer size. 🙂


25. Weleda Skin Food – $12

I think I’ll be gifting this to myself this winter! Weleda’s Skin Food is intensely moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. Perfect for family members who get dry winter hands and feet!


26. Essential Oil Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace -$13

It may sound weird, but a diffuser necklace
is a great way to benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils without applying them directly on your skin (or smelling like you’ve been bathing in lavender oil). The lava stone absorbs the oils, allowing you to inhale the light scent of them throughout your day! Perfect for someone interested in using essential oils – you could even pair this with a couple starter oils for a great gift!


27. Muscle Massage Ball – $8massageball

A great tool to give anyone who exercises regularly and suffers from tight muscles or knots. It also comes with an ebook for massage techniques!


28. PLO Salty Hair Texturizing Spray – $19saltyspray

Primal Life Organics has such a great selection of natural products made with nourishing ingredients. This spray would be a great gift for anyone open to a more natural approach to hair styling and care.


29. Thistle Farms Holiday Room Spray – $12

From their website: “Thistle Farms is a community of women survivors of addiction, prostitution, and trafficking in Nashville, Tennessee. This product bears witness that love is the most powerful force for change in the world.”

What could be better than supporting a cause like that this Christmas, while also giving someone an amazing, natural product with a scent like Cinnamon Cedar?


30. Drinking Chocolate – $10nibmor

Calling it “Drinking Chocolate” makes it so much fancier. Plus, this chocolate is organic and fair trade certified!


31.  Yummy Earth Organic Peppermints – $2peppermints

No, there’s nothing healthy about candy. But if you’re going to give it anyway, you might as well choose some made with only three ingredients! 


32. Himalayan Salt & Sweet Almond Oil Body Scrub – $13saltscrub

A perfect gift for the dry winter months – and it’s pink!


33. Sleep Mask – $8sleepmask

Part of creating a healthy sleep environment is blocking out artificial light sources so you can sleep in total darkness. This silky, soft sleep mask does just that, and belongs in any stocking!


34. Herb Garden Kit – $22herbkit

Give the gift of (future) plant life in a box!


35. Ten Thousand Villages Ceramic Measuringmeasuringspoons Spoons – $12

For the chef, and for the supporter of fair trade shopping!


36. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eyeshadow – $16.50eyeshadow

Another favorite from Lauren Brooke. I love their shimmery eyeshadows!


37. Pipe Tobacco & Coffee Pacha Soappachasoap – $6

Pacha soap is awesome. This was a stocking stuffer for my husband a couple years ago, and I love the scent! I also love their Clarifying Charcoal bar.


38. Gratitude Journal – $12gratitude

Remembering what you’re grateful for can actually improve physical and psychological health – what a great gift! This author has also created a journal for practicing mindfulness.


39. Epsom Salt Bath – $10epsomsalts

Okay, I wouldn’t suggest trying to fit a 3 lb bag of epsom salts into a stocking. Instead, scoop some of these salts into mason jars (and tie with a ribbon and tag) for great (and cheap) relaxing gifts! And if you’re curious about the benefits of epsom salt baths, read my post on magnesium, HERE


40. Avocado Ornament – $7avocadoornament

Because why not?



I hope you loved these healthy stocking stuffer ideas! Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas to add to next year’s list. 🙂

Some of the links in this post are to Amazon, and link to my affiliate account with them. If you choose to purchase through one of my affiliate links, it really helps me out, with NO additional cost to you.


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